Yeha Update

Paused my affiliate marketing task.

Have to concentrate on rl issues :(


Taking Action

That is by far the most hardest part in the IM Scene.
Damn I have read so many things and I finally need to stick to one concept and master it.


That was just  another motivational post for myself :)



Getting the cat to the vet

Today is the day, one of our cat gets castrated.
Hardest part will to get the little fucker into the cage.

Update: Everything went better than expected.

I had a little downer concerning Affiliate Marketing. But this week I am getting my shit together and restart my free traffic methods.


I will keep ya informed.



Slow Passive Income


at the moment I am working on my niche sites to build up a small passive income source.
I am not fully convinced that all my niches can be monetized.

However I am pretty excited about all the SEO work ahead. I need a good backlinking strategy!





Hey short update here…


The last 3-4 days I have setup several PPC/CPA Campaign on Facebook and on Search (AdCenter, Google always disapproved me, even with haveing a real site as a landing page).

I did make some bucks but well the all in all profit was meh. I try now some free traffic tactics, like article writing and SEO my own niche sites for a long passive steady income via adsense and CPA.

Let’s see how this will work out. The biggest challenge in this is finding the right niche.




$$$$$$$$$ BIG PIMPIN $$$$$$$$$$


Whooping 1.80$.
Spent 4.50$.










Money, I am coming. I will leave the campaign active, budget is 10$, so who cares :)





Lots of stuff happening

okay after several fucked up campaigns,
I went professional and joined via William Sauve Affili Link.

With that stunt I also got membership into the inner circle of Williams ImSite.
He is best known for his kickass WSO Flash CPA 1 and 2.
After logging into PPC-Coach I felt a bit intimitated because of the immense information which is available.
They have several courses like Month 1, Month 2 and so on which you can and should partake and learn the PPC/CPA game from scratch.
Alot of the other newbies are posting their case studies and I am really surprised how good their first niche site look.
Well okay it is 2011 and WordPress is setup in like 2 secs with a kickass clean looking theme :)

So far I browsed thru Month 1 and the first steps to take. I already setup a domainname for my niche/landing site.
Right now I am reading Williams Flash CPA reports and I must admit they rock.

I really feel I can do this too. Well of course not on his level but still, ya know what I mean :)

Anyhow I should not waste time with chit chat.

Tomorrow I will report on my kickass niche/landing site.

Laters and stay tuned!


fucked up that campaign like a boss.

Spent 5$ then got banned, since I did not meet the criteria for the facebook ad. Apparantly when you offer dating products you have to be gender specific.
F’ed that up yesterday. Well nevermind, I think I am gonna buy a WSO today.

Do not know which one to buy, they all sound like scams lol…



Created a Facebook Campaign for jewish dating…

Too much vine, lets hope I got may budget for the day right lol



I just got accepted by Leadbolt. Apparantly they are one of the biggest content gateways in CPA marketing.

While browsing the warriorforum, I found an interesting post about a guy called Shaz who offers to train newbies in the art of CPA marketing.

I wrote him an email and asked kindly if a spot was still available.
Would be awseome to have a mentor and learn from his experience.

I really hope I get accpeted by shaz, perhaps I should draw him a comic ;)